Leah Calvert Plans to Launch Aliannah Hope Foundation

We’ve seen ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert and her family struggle with Aliannah’s mysterious illness that still has not been fully diagnosed. It was recently discovered that while Ali has made great progress in learning to walk doctors fear that she will however end up confined to a wheelchair in the future. Through all of the difficult news Leah and her family have gotten in regards to Ali it seems they have decided to help others that may be dealing with the same struggles. Leah took to Facebook to announce that she is starting a foundation for not only her daughter but other special needs children as well. 


Hey, everyone! I am looking for some help from my fans because without you guys I am nothing! I’m starting a foundation for my daughter, Ali. I’m looking for some t-shirt design ideas for the foundation which is going to be the Aliannah Hope foundation. I’ll be online checking out any ideas that y’all may have so comment them or send a message to the page. Thanks! – Leah!

Leah is relying on help from fans to create a t-shirt design for the foundation, but hasn’t given any more details about it. 


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