Farrah Abraham on the First Episode of Couples Therapy

Farrah Abraham Couples Therapy

In a new keek video the former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham discusses the first episode of ‘Couples Therapy’ in which she shows up to set alone. “It has been hard for me to look back at that and everything that I’ve been through…

Recently Farrah’s ex boyfriend Brian Dawe (who was supposed to appear on the show with Farrah) told Starcasm that he and Farrah faked their relationship. He claimed that they concocted the relationship story to get on the ‘Couples Therapy’ show. Farrah goes on in her keek video to make reference to that: “I just don’t want to deal with anymore bad boyfriends and having them go to the press and say horrible things, when they have done the wrong… they would love to blame everybody else but themselves.

It looks like Farrah is sticking to her story, despite the evidence Brian has provided, that her relationship was real and it was hidden from the public for several months. Now she wants fans to watch the show to see who is the “strongest man on ‘Couples Therapy.‘” Whatever that means.


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