Jenelle Evans Contacts (soon-to-be) Ex Husband:

Jenelle Evans’ husband Courtland Rogers was recently released from prison after that whole thing where he and Jenelle got arrested for heroin. Now he’s simply enjoying his freedom and hanging out with his girlfriend Samantha.

Courtland Rogers Jenelle Evans Twitter

After a lot of smack talking Courtland Jenelle has recently started making nice and talking about how Courtland is sober and she wishes him happiness. Courtland recently revealed via twitter that he had to find out about Jenelle’s abortion by watching the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 5 trailer, but he quickly deleted the tweet. It looks like these two have come to some sort of agreement about social media and putting each other out there.

Jenelle tweeted to Courtland yesterday, “@est4life910 thanks for not involving yrself with internet BS and especially Gary. #MuchAppreciated.” The two plan to divorce in April when they are finally legally allowed to do so. Jenelle then plans to marry Nathan and hopefully live happily ever after with their new baby and Jace. Lets hope so!


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