Did Nathan Griffith LIE About Military Awards?

Recently I had a very passionate follower contact me. She pointed out something very interesting about Jenelle Evans boyfriend Nathan Griffith who has tried to show off the awards he received from the Marines on twitter. Since I don’t know much about the subject I decided to let her come on as a sort of “guest blogger” for the day and express her feelings on the subject. Little disclaimer: The following are the views and opinions of —— not of alltheteenmoms.com and nothing more than speculation based on the information that Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans have posted to twitter.


“Before I start, let me say that I am a veteran and my husband is currently on his 12th year of active duty service. Between us there is over 100 months of deployments and among other awards my husband has a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. I am not saying this to brag, but to show that I know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to things during and after military service. After you read what I have to say, feel free to fact check anything I say, nothing is incorrect.

Nathan has made it known to everyone that he was a Marine, that he was in combat and that he has PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] and a TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury] (keep in mind, PTSD is the easiest thing to claim since it can’t be proven). In an attempt to support his claims, Nathan tweeted out a picture of his DD214; this is a form given to EVERYONE upon discharge from the service. This form contains your entire military record: the awards you received, the deployments you went on, the schools you went to, everything. Nathan also tweeted out a picture of his ribbon rack; this is the rack of ribbons service members wear on their dress uniform. Unfortunately for Nathan, some people (me) that saw both of these pictures were able to pick up on the fact that the awards on his rack didn’t match the awards on his DD214. Nathan’s DD214 does not list a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) which means he was never awarded one- but on the ribbons he showed us that he has in his house, there is very clearly a CAR right on the top. Not only is there a CAR right on the top, Nathan was [allegedly] strategic about doing it; he could have just added a CAR and called it a day but that would be pretty noticeable. What he [allegedly] did was take off an award he actually earned, the Iraqi Campaign Medal, and move the Afghanistan Campaign Medal over a spot. Then he took the National Defense Ribbon (this ribbon is awarded to everyone in every service upon graduation from training) and moved it down, and put the CAR where the National Defense Ribbon should be. Seems like a lot of trouble just to add on an award that you didn’t earn. But this way, the ribbon rack actually looks similar to what it should be. It should also be noted that Nathan does not have a Good Conduct Medal (GCM); this is an award that is given automatically to every service member after 4 (or 3, depending on your branch) years of service as long as you don’t get into trouble. In order to have the GCM taken from you, the trouble you get into has to be fairly big-small things don’t affect your GCM eligibility but something big, like a DUI, would do it. [Nathan has multiple DUIs]


I went on my personal account that Jenelle and Nathan didn’t already have blocked and tweeted a picture to her. The picture was a side-by-side-by-side shot of Nathans DD214, the award rack he tweeted out, and a computer generated image of what the award stack SHOULD look like. I asked her to explain it to me. Well Jenelle, you didn’t respond but you did block me. The fact that she blocked me speaks volumes but what irks me more, is the blatant disrespect Nathan shows by doing what he did. I would absolutely love to hear Nathan’s explanation for this.” 


49 thoughts on “Did Nathan Griffith LIE About Military Awards?”

    1. As a former Marine, I can attest to DD214s not matching an actual ribbon stack. In most cases, especially in an unorganized c.f. such as the Marine Corps, it is usually the individual Marines responsibility to submit his award to the admin shop to get entered in his service record book. In my case, two medals were left off of my dd214. And you audit your dd214 before you sign it but you are so anxious to get out that you dont care if it was wrong. Marine wives love to pretend they know what they’re talking about. The man did something that only 1% of all Americans do. Even if he got into a little trouble, doesn’t matter. Some of the best Marine’s I’ve known have been in trouble once or twice in their careers.

      1. Maybe you should scroll back up and look at the part where SHE is a veteran too before making a stupid comment about Marine wives.

      2. If it is not in your records, it doesn’t exist. If a member has failed to submit the appropriate paperwork in order to have a medal or dec added to their record then they are not authorized to wear it on their ribbon rack. If he was lazy that’s his problem he shouldn’t be wearing the ribbon.

        1. Exactly. I’m active duty military and I can attest that if it isn’t documented then it didn’t happen.

  1. As a military spouse myself I thank you Lauren. There are men and women out there who actually have earned these ribbons and for some d bag to say he won them when he clearly has not is a huge slap to the face of those who actually have won these or actually has ptsd. Thank you to those who have and currently are serving

  2. Wow ooo wow this is very low n sad, I’m thankful for ur husband service, to see a fraud of person like nat makes me sick, how can people be so fake

  3. He creeps me out a lot so this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Also, if someone spoke to my parents the way he spoke to Barbara in that last episode they would be out on the curb! He has no right to speak to her that way. If he is treating her like that already then how is he going to treat Jenelle down the road when life really gets real with a new baby she actually has to take care of … I wish nothing but the best for Jenelle and do hope that everything works out for her and that she can continue to stay healthy and happy 🙂

  4. My husband and I are both veterans and has anyone ever thought that maybe his citation didn’t make it into his service record? I know one shouldn’t wear awards unless it reflects their service record but people do it all the time. I know my dd214 was missing awards but it was updated at a later time.

  5. First, I find it EXTREMELY disrespectful that the author would state that Nathan says he has PTSD because it can’t be proven, thus making it easy to claim (both those statements are false). As a veteran, who’s husband was KIA while we were both deployed, I have fought time and time again for the VA to recognize my PTSD. They don’t just hand out the diagnosis like candy. It’s a serious condition, and anyone who suffers from it knows your comment about it is just plain ignorant. Secondly, I served in Iraq, and was given awards from my service AFTER I had already ETS’d. I still need to have my original DD214 amended to reflect those awards, 7 years later. I realize that you’re looking to call this guy out, for one reason or another. Perhaps, as a fellow veteran, you should at least have enough respect for his service not shit on him, regardless of your feelings of his current personal life. There are organizations that investigate Stolen Valor, so if there is something he’s claiming that is incorrect, they actually get proof to back up their claims, not some twitter pictures. Maybe you should contact them instead of playing Military Wife CID…

    1. Amen!
      I have been going to the VA for eight years for treatment of PTSD. I found out that I was diagnosed in 2006. You don’t just “fake” it.
      To the author. You don’t get a national defense for boot camp. I didn’t when I graduated in 1997 because, there wasn’t a war going on. You need to learn military regulations.

    2. Suz, these people are idiots! I am the brother of nathan, the only thing this author is right about is the gcm! Nate-gcm I don’t think so lol! I have spent time with multiple people Nate has deployed with. Forgetting to add things on a dd214 is common. I was also an infantryman. I’ve seen more combat in a day than this author has seen in her life! Never heard if a CAR! I was in the army. I have a CIB- combat infantryman badge! For this person to attempt to call him out is disgraceful! Grow up a little please. Why don’t you call and report him and they will get back to you! Oh yeah and when they do I expect an apology in a blog exactly like this one!

      1. let me guess, more blows to the head in an mma fight are great therapy for tbi and PTSD?sounds like someones claiming a disabilty for A}sympathy B}financial gain . Is repetative blows to the head a new therapy that he is not sharing? your thoughts

  6. As a former Marine, also diagnosed with PTSD, I don’t believe that calling someone out in reference to their illness is ever good, but the fact that a person such as himself would lie about receiving a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart is insane. I have heard nothing in reference to his valor on the battle field which raises the question of why would you disrespect the Marines who have received such prestigious awards. I was diagnosed with PTSD, not for my contribution to an actual combat operation but in contributing forward support and have the visual of wounded Marines and Soliders. I know for certain, as a disabled veteran, a “Purple Heart” recipient receives 100% disability from the Veterans Administration (VA). Look into that!

    1. I don’t think I have heard about him saying he earned a Bronze Star or the Purple Heart. The author was stating at the beginning of the article that her husband received those awards, but she just has a major problem with the way his DD214 reads and what his rack reflects. Those are two awards, I’m sure, one would notice were left off a DD214. 🙂

    2. “Ronald Baker” for your information, if you have a “PURPLE HEART” you don’t receive 100% compensation. That’s absolute nonsense that you even think that. Maybe you should Google it.

  7. It’s not uncommon for the dd-214 not to match up with awards. Awards are often retroactive, as parts of units come back and back logs. Back in my day GW 1, awards were still catching up in 1995 from a 1991 conflict. So cut him some slack, there is a good chance he is legit.

  8. Wow. I’d just like to say Thank You to all of you and/or your spouses who have served for my country. Secondly, thank you for the information here. Many different situations and perspectives that gives me, a civilian, more information that I’m just not familiar with..

    I think it’s a terrible thing to say or even insinuate that someone suffering from any mental illness isn’t legit. You simply don’t know and that kind of ignorance is what makes the day to day life of those who live with an unseen disease even more difficult.

    It’s good to know that I can still give Nathan the benefit of the doubt, even if my gut says he’s sketchy. We’ll see what the future holds…at least he’s going to marry her…or maybe already has. I’m not a hardcore follower. I was specifically looking for his military information after watching the reunion.

    Thanks again for the info! My prayers go out to all of you who served or are still serving for me, my country, and my family. Not everyone can/will do what you do.

  9. Ok, so I was one of the first people to comment on his awards since it didn’t seem to add up… But like others said sometimes your DD214 isn’t up to date like it should be… For instance I was in Iraq in 2003, injuried in June of 2003, and was sent back to the states in July … Then ETS’d in November BEFORE the Iraq campaign medal was even put out, hence it was NOT listed on my DD214… But have to have it added by the Army…
    But the BIG question about his military career is this, if he does have all the above he kinda busted himself out IF he is collecting ANY disability money… Why you ask?? Because big tough Nathan claims to have a TBI then why in the HELL would he be allowed to be an “MMA fighter” aka “MMA punching bag”????
    The last thing someone with a TBI should do is extreme fighting..

    One last comment, PTSD.. Yes, I have PTSD as well but I also served in 2003 during the initial assault on Iraq when everything was extremely bloody and messy.. With that said some ppl on here claim to have PTSD from “seeing” wounded soldiers/marines.. Really?? Seriously though??? Why the hell would they say you have PTSD when you NEVER saw combat? PTSD is caused from being under extreme life or death situations on a regular basis, or even a very serious car accident where you witness death or near death… So all I’m saying is that I really really HOPE that those of you “claiming” PTSD are legit and aren’t screwing the rest of us by lying your stolen valor ass off..
    To the guest blogger, kudos… His claims are very sketchy and I hope you bust his ass out..

    Rant over.

    US Army 1997-2003
    101st Airborne Div
    31C and 62B
    “Air assault”

    1. He didn’t find out about his TBI until a month after his last fight……. Reason he no longer fights. Stolen valor Tim? Anytime you want to come over and hangout with a bunch of infantryman you are more than welcome too! Matter of fact I’m handing you a personal invite!

      1. He talked about his TBI on RTMT ( Smarty and Hallie’s show) less than 12 hrs before he got his DUI 3 (or 4 ) in Oct 2013. He lied about having a DL and a clean record so, what’s one more lie? Plenty of people heard him talk about his TBI/PTSD, that’s why we all wondered what he was doing trying to be an MMA fighter. You should check your brother’s lies before you start defending him.

        1. Also, if he found out about the TBI shortly after the fight, why would he still be playing football months later? As far as the military award issue goes, apparently now even people he’s served with are saying he’s lying. So yeah, when it comes down to it, I’m going to believe them over someone that’s been caught in numerous lies.

      2. What about all the statements made by the guys who served with him? One’s actually expecTed to be on a radio show this week to air Nathan’s dirty laundry. What do you say about them?

      3. I’m not trying to call Nathan a liar, (although he did try to say he did not resist arrest and his lawyer called him out and said he was an “asshole” on the police video. And…being tased is not part of a routine traffic stop) but I’m wondering how he claimed to have a TBI caused from combat, a month after MMA fighting? That means he could have sustained his brain injury in the ring. And…how did he not know he had a brain injury? My son got a concussion playing hockey and it was very obvious something was wrong. A traumatic brain injury…he just didn’t realize it? That’s a bit shady! On that note, between both of my grandfathers & father, they have spent 55 years in the NAVY, and I appreciate everyone who has served in the military.

        1. He wasn’t diagnosed with tbi until this year. He was an mma fighter 2 years ago first off. Second off, my husband has been out of active duty for 6 years and didn’t get diagnosed with tbi until this year, so its actually very possible he wasn’t diagnosed until later on. I’m not saying he is telling the truth, but have all of your facts before you call someone out.

    2. Lol you served during the initial invasion where it was bloody and messy. So, are you saying that the years after that weren’t legit? ‘Come on man’……….. I served in the initial invasion and went back in 2004. My worst time there was in 2004. You should also Google PTSD cause your definition is totally wrong.

  10. I also wanted to say that, Nathan can say he has a Silver Star. There is no crime in doing that. There would be a crime, if he was receiving any perks from it. He’s the one who has to lay his head down at night, not you.

  11. I spent almost 7 years Active duty Army, while Active duty I deployed to Iraq and Received an Arcom V. For going on over 450 combat missions. I lost 3 battles in my Plt and I didn’t receive a (CAB) ? It happens to real soldiers because we don’t care about doing the paperwork to show some people what we have been through.

  12. Nate is an asshat to say that 30 days in county jail is the same as a 6 month war deployment.

    Now I can see 30 minutes with Jenelle as being the same as being in Fallujah. …..lol

    1. Bottom line is that whatever my brother has or doesnt have is none of anybodys business. No one knows the trauma a person experiences in combat unless u r personally there to experience it firsthand. I am proud of him no matter what awards he has or doesnt because unlike so many…he had the balls to serve. Ur experiences arent his no matter who u r or what branch u served. As far as being sketchy…maybe thats ur opinion…but he is the best brother ever!!! He is kind and he is a great man and the people that wanna judge him based on the minutes aday they see a fraction of his life says more about u then it does him

  13. And also mine and nates whole family is either military or law enforcement…starting before our grandfather was even chief of police in our small town in ohio….we deserve a hell yeah and pat on the back not scrutiny. U will never handle and go thru the same thing or experience as anyone else on this planet…my brother handles his own way…u got problems w it yet all u idiots are still tuning in to see what happens next…hahaha ok

    1. And I wonder how Noah/Heather feel now that JE wished Noah had died in combat yet Nathan stayed with her..have fun with your future sister-in-law

  14. My DD214 doesnt have all my awards on it either. I have the paperwork to back them up though. He probably got recognized for a Combat Action Ribbon AFTER he returned from both conflicts. It happened to a couple of guys in my former unit.

  15. Jenelle has 2talents cranking out babies and picking losers as their fathers I am disgusted at the fact Nathan lives off disability he seems pretty well adjusted to me. He’s lazy irresponsible and endangers others with his drinking and driving. Get a job! There are REAL WOUNDED WARRIORS out there who need help who aren’t getting it because it’s going to idiots like Nathan. Also I believe hitler was called the kaiser jerk

  16. Nathan admits to drinking too much. Janelle is a newly
    recovering heroin addict. She needs support, not a guy who gets drunk when he feels like it. So you have a incompatible, possibly disastrous situation right there for both of them. Misery loves company, right?

    Barb means well, but is obviously flipped out herself.

    God help those kids.

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