Kailyn and Vee Bury the Hatchet!

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn has had a difficult time dealing with Jo’s girlfriend Vee, due to some old photos Vee posted to the internet of her smoking weed. During the last Teen Mom 2 reunion Vee explained that the photos were old and that she would never put Isaac in a bad situation. Kailyn didn’t seem like she was budging though and still maintained that she wanted nothing to do with Vee. (Even if Kailyn used to party the same way!)

Thankfully though it looks like these two are finally coming together and getting along! Kailyn, Jo and Vee all came together for an art show at Isaac’s school. Vee and Kailyn even posed for some silly selfies with one another. It’s so amazing to see them getting along and hanging out like friends. This will make co-parenting Isaac so much easier for everyone! Vee and Jo recently moved in with each other so it’s a good idea for them all to be friends now that things are getting more and more serious between them. Way to go guys!


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