Leah Calvert Got Herself a Job!


Leah Calvert mentioned on the recent Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special that she would consider getting a job so that her husband could work closer to home. Well it looks like she finally found one working from home with Mary Kay, a direct selling make up company. (Just like Avon for those that aren’t familiar.) Leah was working part time at a tanning salon but that job didn’t last long. She then talked about opening her own salon for a little while but she hasn’t mentioned that in quite some time now.

Leah tweeted yesterday “Do you have a Mary Kay consultant or lost touch with a prior one? I am now a consultant and would love to have an amazing MK party w/ you” She didn’t include the link to her store but with a quick search I was able to find it for anyone who is interested. You can shop Mary Kay with Leah HERE.

Hopefully her Mary Kay business is a success, and I’m sure it will be with her massive following of fans, in my experience these kind of pyramid jobs are mostly for fun though and Mary Kay definitely seems fun!


4 thoughts on “Leah Calvert Got Herself a Job!”

  1. Hello Leah imma big fan and I seen that u sell Mary Kay I’m interested in findin things I like ..u can email me 😉 thanks girl

  2. Mary Kay is a fulfilling career! I make a substantial living with my Mary Kay business! Keep your head up Leah and continue working this business and you will be very successful!

  3. Just know that if you do open a salon, you can’t sell Mary Kay in the salon. It has to be sold in a “personal, one-on-one” setting, not as retail. It’s bs, but unfortunately it’s in the contract.

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