Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind STILL Hooking Up!? Private Text Messages Revealed:


Just when we all though Chelsea was FINALLY over her ex/baby daddy Adam Lind, text messages surface that suggest the two have been hooking up even as recently as a few weeks ago! It makes sense, Adam and his girlfriend/ mother of his other daughter had hit a rough spot in their relationship. They are known to be off again, on again and recently they have been off, but they appear to be working things out at the moment.

According to the new report in one text Chelsea says, “Come over…I’m sad and I don’t wanna stay alone,” In another Adam suggests some sexual options to which Chelsea replies “just make me feel better.

It’s so sad to see Chelsea continuing to hang on to a relationship that is long gone. Adam has made it pretty clear that he is only hooking up with her because she’s an easy option for him. Will she ever move on? To see all the text messages and get more details about Chelsea and Adam’s affair check out the latest issue of Life&Style Magazine.


3 thoughts on “Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind STILL Hooking Up!? Private Text Messages Revealed:”

  1. If you ever read the comments on Insta he posted ‘I am not over her? She just had me over a few nights ago and we fucked…ya she’s totally over it’ he posted that under the picture of her and a guy she posted a month ago that he previously commented on and stated that it was the guy she fucked while she was pregnant with Aubree. He’s a tool.

  2. Wow, what’s slutty behavior. Won’t be shocked if she is prego or will be with his child. He has made it clear he does not use perfection while with girls.

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