Chelsea Houska Update!

Chelsea Houska

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska rarely gives me anything to write about. Why? Because she is a smart and classy lady and she keeps her business off of social media. Unlike a lot of other cast members she really only posts about little things here and there and lots of cute pictures of her daughter. (Instead of every detail of her entire life)


That’s not to say that big things aren’t happening for Chelsea right now. Everything is really coming together for her. She recently bought a new home, which is gorgeous and rather large for just her and Aubree. It will be a great place to grow into and to raise Aubree. Check out their super cool new porch swing:


Aubree and Chelsea also now have a new furry friend named Phil, who is the cutest thing ever, and why not? They have plenty of outdoor space for their pups to run around.

Aubree and Puppy

Last but not least Chelsea is officially a full blown Esthetician, and she’s got some sexy business cards to prove it. (and a matching Michael Kors bag that she is not ashamed to show off as well!)

Chelesa Houska Business


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