‘Teen Mom’ Stars Maci, Catelynn and Amber Hint at Reunion!

425.teenmom.lc.050411Rumors have been swirling like crazy about the possible return of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom.’ The ladies from the show haven’t said a word on the topic but have made it clear that they will be seeing each other in person again soon. Fan favorite Maci Bookout tweeted to Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell: “ missin u! cant wait to see u and soon!” Amber replied with “I miss you too babe…been way to long.”

Now it is possible that they girls will be meeting up again while the guys are filming their new ‘Teen Dad’ special. If you remember in the last one, cameras followed the guys around for a bit and then Dr. Drew sat down with all the dads for a group interview. I don’t remember if the moms went with the dads to NYC for that portion of the show but if for some reason they do go, that could be how they are getting together.

If that’s not the reason they are meeting up then they are either doing this on their own time and dime or they are meeting up with MTV for whatever reason. (Lets pray for a new show!)


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