Why Was Maci Bookout’s Spin Off Show Cancelled?


Hey remember back when there were rumors going around about Maci getting her own spin off show? Well that actually WAS going to happen but unfortunately for Maci and co. MTV pulled the plug on that idea after a few months of filming. 

MTV originally wanted to film a Southern version of The Hills starring Maci as the ‘Southern Lauren Conrad,’” an insider reveals to Life & Style Magazine.


The show was going to be centered around Maci and include other characters, like her ex, Ryan Edwards, and his girlfriend at the time, Dalis Connell. They filmed for months, but ultimately, the show didn’t end up working out.

Instead MTV ended up using the pilot episode as a one time special they called ‘Being Maci.’ This lead to the filming of similar one time specials for each of the other original ‘Teen Mom’ stars.


6 thoughts on “Why Was Maci Bookout’s Spin Off Show Cancelled?”

  1. She wasn’t actually trashy. I thought her and catelynn were role models. But I Dont buy cable anymore so I Dont know what there like nowadays.

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