‘Teen Mom 2’ Will Return for a Seventh Season!!


The show will go on! We can look forward to another season of Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah because the girls are coming back for another season!

According to a new exclusive from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, MTV is to start filming season 7 of ‘Teen Mom 2’ within the next couple of weeks.

It was rumored a while ago that Corey Simms did not want to sign on for another season so he and Miranda may be left out of season 7… but there hasn’t been any confirmation of that.


It doesn’t look like the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise is going anywhere any time soon. ‘Teen Mom OG’ is also coming back for another season along with ’16 & Pregnant.’


5 thoughts on “‘Teen Mom 2’ Will Return for a Seventh Season!!”

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like never. In a crazy turn of events, it was just announced today that both Teen Mom shows will NOT return. The original stories about each season being renewed were false. What kind of sick SOB would do that?

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