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‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peeks! S6 E8

Check out the sneak peek clips of tonight’s all new ‘Teen Mom OG!’



‘Teen Mom’ News! Corey Simms Shaves his Face (Finally), Babs Gets Her Own Show and Farrah Is Offensive As Usual…


So here is what you may have missed over recent weeks in the ‘Teen Mom’ universe while AllTheTeenMoms.Net went on a little hiatus. Apparently frequently bearded Corey Simms of ‘Teen Mom 2’ shaved and revealed his darling face to the world! See the photo here!


Farrah Abraham decided to show off the bedroom she lost her virginity in… for no real reason other than to plug her book in which she goes on and on about her teenage sex life. See the video of Farrah’s sexy(?) bedroom tour here!

Farrah was also in the news again recently when she made a racist comment on Instagram. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has that story right here.


And probably the biggest news of the week is that Babs  finally got her own show! A web series on MTV.com! The show is called ‘A Bae for Babs,’ and it’s fantastic. Watch the first several episodes and read more about the show here.

Stay tuned for more ‘Teen Mom’ news guys! There’s plenty more to come!

Farrah Abraham Has the Worst Interview Ever… and it’s Hilarious. “Who’s the Celebrity?”

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham had a ridiculously awkward interview while at an adult entertainment expo in January 2016. The man interviewing her (and various other porn stars/people at the event) had no freaking clue who she was. He thought she was one of the porn “actresses,” and asked her about her experiences on set. When Farrah explains that she is known for a “celebrity sex tape,” he then very seriously asks her who the celebrity is.

It only gets better from there.